Thursday, November 8, 2007

As GIs anf FBIs

In Pinoy slang, two acronyms refer or describe an Ilocano. GI and FBI. No. They are not to impose that Ilocanos are GI soldiers or FBI agents.
GI stands for Genuine Ilocano and FBI for Full Blooded Ilocano.Its usually the non-Ilocanos who tag an Ilocano with these acronyms.
Why genuine?
A jewelry is only precious when it is genuine. A money bill is only worthy when it is genuine. A machine is at its best operation when it has genuine parts.
Why full blooded?
A person who is proud of his race can be prouder when he is full blooded of that race. A royalty can be more majestic when he is of full royal blood.
Now, we get the implication why there is the emphasis that an Ilocano is a GI or an FBI. Are Ilocanos as precious as gemstones that they should be genuine to be considered worthy? Are Ilocanos can be proud to say "Royal is my blood!"?When is an Ilocano considered genuine or full-blooded? Perhaps when both of his parents are Ilocano. And even maybe when a person who has not a drop of Ilocano blood but was born and grew up as Ilocano. I think this is the right measurement of the genuinity of an Ilocano as Ilocano. His pride of carrying the Ilocano blood, his boasts of showing Ilocano traits and trademarks and his not forgetting his hometown wherever life may take him.

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