Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ilocano Trademarks - Saluyot

Saluyot (jute, corchorus olitorius) is a plant usually grown for its edible leaves. Its dried and skinned stem are also processed to make ropes and paper.

Ilocanos love saluyot more than any other groups. It's abundance in most of Ilocano household backyards and vegetable gardens make it very accessible. They cooked it as dinengdeng (lone or mixed with other vegetables) or pinakbet (cooked with garlic and vinegar). They say they love its slippery texture in the mouth.

Because of this, Ilocanos are called Saluyot. Even Ilocanos refer each other as fellow Saluyot. In fact, an Ilocano publication of an Ilocano group in Metro Manila is called Saluyot.

Truly, this vegetable has become an Ilocano trademark.

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