Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ilocano Heroes - Diego Silang

Perhaps he was the greatest Ilocano revolutionary leader during the Spanish colonization.
Diego Silang y Andaya was born in Aringay, Pangasinan (now an area in Aringay/Caba, La Union) on December 16, 1730.
He was a messenger of a Spanish priest in Vigan, Ilocos Sur and travelled to Manila from Ilocos in line of his work. During these travels that he saw the many colonial injustices and these lead him for rebellion. He then wanted to end these abuses and to overthrow the Spanish government in Ilocos and establish an independent Ilocos nation.
When the British came and captured Manila from the Spanish, he conspired with them by offering his help to lead Ilocano forces against the Spanish in the North. In turn he was appointed as governor of Ilocos in their place and promised him military reinforcement.
He lead the attack of Vigan and imprisoned the priests when they resisted his demand to leave Ilocos and transfer the government to Ilocano natives. He victored many more battles over Ilocos.

But Ilocos was not freed as he wanted under his leadership because he was killed on May 28, 1763, by an Spanish-Ilocano mestizo, Miguel Vicos, who was one of his friends.
After his death, the revolt was continued by his wife Gabriela.

Diego Silang - an Ilocano pride. His shown bravery and patriotism is an inspiration to every Filipino.

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